Modest Apparel Shipping Policy

Please Read Our Modest Apparel Shipping Policy

~~ This modest apparel shipping policy is binding even if you do not read it ~~


Shipping costs will be higher to ship items from our modest apparel category. We have a separate shipping rate for the modest apparel. We realize the Modest Apparel rates are a lot higher. We also include a modest handling fee in our shipping rates. Please see our Payments & Shipping page for detailed information. With each year, the USPS continues to raise rates and we have to pass this onto you, our customers.

  1. Please choose the Modest Apparel USA shipping rate during checkout if you have an item (dress, jumper, blouse, etc.) from the Modest Apparel category in your cart. During checkout, it is the second shipping option in the drop down menu.

If we receive your order and you have NOT chosen the modest apparel shipping rate, we will:

  • Correct your total to reflect the modest apparel shipping rate

  • Send you a PayPal invoice to pay the shipping amount due plus an email notifying you a PayPal invoice was sent and why.

  • We cannot ship your order until we receive the payment due.


  • Shipping costs will be significantly higher to ship modest apparel to you. In most cases we cannot fit modest apparel into a flat rate package.

  • Please choose the Canadian or International shipping rate during checkout if you have any item (dress, jumper, blouse, etc.) from the modest apparel category in your cart. The shopping cart is not set up to automatically configure shipping rates for modest apparel outside the USA.

  • Any amount due to cover the shipping costs is based on package weight/size and destination. It is based on USPS International Priority Mail.

  • You will receive a PayPal invoice for any shipping costs due.

  • Any amount due will need to be paid prior to having your order shipped.

    Please Note:

  • If your order contains head coverings that need sewn along with any Modest Apparel item(s), your order will ship within 4 weeks.

  • If your order only contains Modest Apparel item(s), it will ship within 1- 3 business days.

~~ Thank you for understanding our Modest Apparel Shipping Policy ~~