A Mother From A to Z

A Mother from A - Z

Attitudes of joy make her home a pleasant place to be.
Blessings are many as she balances the budget and plans for the family.
Cheerfulness is her lot as she oversees her household tasks.
Duties, whether great or small, as all fulfilled by diligence.
Enthusiasm marks her labor in the garden as she plans for the winter meals.
Faithfully she cans and freezes for the family and friends alike.
Gratitude is in her heart, even though she is weary to the bone.
Health is important to her, both physical and spiritual.
Industry provides a channel for her energies.
Justice and mercy go hand in hand as she disciplines the children.
Knowledge of the Scripture is her guide for life.
Love, the greatest virtue, makes duty a delight.
Meekness describes her way; she is not proud or boastful.
Never does she cease to pray and nurse her family.
Obedience to her Father commands obedience from her children.
Patiently she teaches, line upon line, here and there a little.
Quietness and confidence in the Lord is her strength.
Right living brings her life above reproach.
Singing lifts hers and the family's spirits, thereby imparting blessings.
Trust in the Lord is her motto.
Understanding is what she prays for daily.
Vigilance is needed to keep her household in order.
Waiting on the Lord, she finds answers to the children's questions.
Experience brings many joys as she mothers her children from total dependence to independence.
Yielding not to temptation, she does not compare herself with others.
Zeal for the Lord characterizes her service to her family and others.

Does this describe you?

From A Woman by God's Grace by Anna Mary Byler
Page 154. Used by permission