Occupied For Jesus

Martha, in the kitchen, serving with her hands

Occupied for Jesus, with her pots and pans;

Loving Him, yet fevered, burdened to the brim,

Careful, troubled Martha, occupied FOR Him.

Mary on the footstool, eyes upon her Lord,

Occupied with Jesus, drinking in His Word.

This one thing is needful, all else strangely dim.

Loving, resting Mary, occupied WITH Him.

So may we, like Mary, choose the better part.

Resting in His presence, hands and feet and heart;

Drinking in His wisdom, strengthened by His grace,

Waiting for His summons, eyes upon His face.

When He come we're ready, spirit, will and nerve.

Mary's heart to worship, Martha's heart to serve.

This the rightful order, as our lamps we trim,

Occupied WITH Jesus, then occupied for Him.


From A Woman For God's Glory by Anna Mary Byler. Page 179. Used by permission