Believing is not a one time event; it is moment by moment.
Obedience to God is better than the best excuse we can find.
Believe God for what He says, and not from what you see.
What you can do, you ought to do, and what you ought to do, by the help of God, DO!
Life is short, Death is sure, Sin the cause, Christ the cure.
Get real, Get clear, Get right and God will change you!
God's children and His enemies make the same mistake. They both underestimate the power of prayer.

Return Policies

Christian Coverings™ has a no return, no refund policy on all items. However, if you received a wrong covering/item due to our error, please let me know so we can correct your order. I MUST be notified within 3 business days of receiving your order if this happens. 

  If you need to return a covering/item due to our error, the covering/item may be shipped back via first class mail.  Once we receive the wrong covering/item, the correct covering/item will be sent to you. The covering/item must be in the same condition as it was when we mailed it: brand new, never worn with label attached, if applicable.
  We will NOT exchange a covering because you have decided you do not like it. It is not unusual to try several styles before you find one that suits your covering needs.
  PLEASE NOTE: "Our error" does not include a customer ordering a wrong size, color, fabric, and/or giving us a wrong snap placement measurement.
MODEST APPAREL RETURN POLICY:  All measurements in the item description are accurate. Please see the Modest Apparel page for detailed information on how measurements are taken. We do not accept returns/give refunds nor we will do exchanges for Modest Apparel items. All sales are final. If in doubt as to the size of the item, please contact us for more information.