Believing is not a one time event; it is moment by moment.
Obedience to God is better than the best excuse we can find.
Believe God for what He says, and not from what you see.
What you can do, you ought to do, and what you ought to do, by the help of God, DO!
Life is short, Death is sure, Sin the cause, Christ the cure.
Get real, Get clear, Get right and God will change you!
God's children and His enemies make the same mistake. They both underestimate the power of prayer.

Our Policies

When you place an order with Christian Coverings, please be sure to read our Payments & Shipping
.  There is important information regarding our shipping rates for Canadian and International customers.

Completing an order with Christian Coverings means you have read and agree with the information

on our Payments and Shipping page and Our Policies below. 

 Our policies are binding even if you have NOT read them!

Order Process/Ship Times:  We are a family owned business and I am the only seamstress for Christian Coverings™.  Each order is custom sewn after you place your order. We do not have any coverings  "in stock" other than those offered in our Ready-Made Shoppe.
Your order starts being processed as soon as we receive it. We do our best to have your order sewn, packaged and shipped within 4 weeks after receiving cleared payment. You will receive an email when your order is ready to ship.

Snap Placement for Veils:  If you have indicated you would like a snap but do not put the snap placement measurement in the box during checkout, you will receive an email asking you to measure and then send your measurement to us. We will put a delivery and read receipt on the email to ensure it has gotten to you. If we do not hear back from you prior to cutting out and sewing your order, the covering will be made without a snap.  Due to various head sizes, we are unable to place a snap on a veil and hope it will fit. We offer custom made coverings and want the veil to fit you. Each veil page has a "How to Measure for a Veil" diagram and instructions so you can see how to measure. Likewise, if you choose no for the snap option but put a measurement in the snap placement measurement box, we will put a snap on the veil.

Custom Length Option for Veils: If you choose "no" for the custom length option, but put in a custom length in the custom length box, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for the cost to make a custom length and if applicable, the difference for the shipping/handling.  The shopping cart automatically adds the custom length fee to the cost of the veil when that option is chosen. Payment is expected within 3 days of the invoice being sent. If payment is not received, the veil will be made without a custom length.

Return Policy: Christian Coverings™ has a no return, no refund policy on all items. However, if you received a wrong covering/item due to our error, please let me know so we can correct your order. I MUST be notified within 3 business days of receiving your order if this happens. 
  If you need to return a covering/item due to our error, the covering/item may be shipped back via first class mail.  Once we receive the wrong covering/item, the correct covering/item will be sent to you. The covering/item must be in the same condition as it was when we mailed it: brand new, never worn with label attached, if applicable.
  We will NOT exchange a covering because you have decided you do not like it. It is not unusual to try several styles before you find one that suits your covering needs.
  PLEASE NOTE: "Our error" does not include a customer ordering a wrong size, color, fabric, and/or giving us a wrong snap placement measurement.
MODEST APPAREL RETURN POLICY:  All measurements in the item description are accurate. Please see the Modest Apparel page for detailed information on how measurements are taken. We do not accept returns/give refunds nor we will do exchanges for Modest Apparel items. All sales are final. If in doubt as to the size of the item, please contact us for more information.
Order Cancellations:  We understand that sometimes an order needs to be cancelled. You must request your order to be cancelled within 3 business days from the date you placed your order. Rush orders - you must request your order to be cancelled within 6 hours of placing the order. You must give a reason for the cancellation request. However, I cannot cancel your order if it has been cut out and/or sewn, packaged for shipping or has been mailed.
Receiving credit back to your credit card may take up to 30 business days.Please see PayPal's policies on refunds. PayPal will send you an email when the refund has been issued. I will follow up with an email stating the cancellation/refund is approved or completed. 

***Update 2019: PayPal's policy has changed on refunding the processing fee charged when you pay with PayPal. If I issue you a refund, the amount refunded will be less the 30 cent PayPal fee. ***

 We reserve the right to refuse a cancellation based on the criteria explained above.
Incorrect Customer Information on Your Order: Christian Coverings™ is not responsible for any customer input errors and/or typographical errors in your name or address when you enter it in the shopping cart.  The customer is responsible to verify all information is correct before submitting an order. We verify that the address given on your order invoice matches the address on the shipping label before printing the shipping label. 
  When placing an order with us, an email invoice is automatically generated and sent to the customer and to Christian Coverings™. Please be sure to contact us ASAP if there is an error with your customer information.
  IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!  If for any reason an order is returned to us for an incorrect address and/or undeliverable, customers are responsible to pay the actual postage plus a $1.00 handling fee to send it to the correct address once we receive it back. It can take up to 10 days for us to receive a non-deliverable package back to us. You will then be contacted via email with a Paypal invoice. Payment for the postage to resend the package to you will be due within 7 days of sending the email/invoice.
  PLEASE NOTE:  The USPS verifies an address before the label is printed through their online database. It will automatically make a correction to the address or deny a label based on the address given.  Addresses are double checked for accuracy prior to the USPS verifying the address. If I cannot print a label because the USPS says it is not a valid address, I will contact you by email.  Be sure to include any apartment #, PO Box #, etc. Please use the correct abbreviations (ie: CT, AVE, ST, BLVD, etc.).  I have had problems with an address "officially" having one of these, although it is not used and then I am unable to print a label through my label printing program. I cannot send a package unless I have the entire address or one the USPS database will recognize. Thank you!