About Our Fabrics

  • Cap Styles are available in 100% Polyester dress weight knit. Colors include black, navy and white.
  • Veils are available in a quality 100% Polyester Soft Crepe Knit. Our polyester knit has a slight texture with a slight stretch that provides a good fit. It also drapes very nicely, is opaque and is long lasting due to it's high quality. Colors include black, navy and white.
  • Traditional Head Coverings are available in Primalux, which is a made of 70% polyester 20% cotton. White or black. This fabric is opaque. Traditional Leah is also available in 100% Cotton and 65/35 Polyester-Cotton; colors include black, navy and white.
  • Gathered Bonnets  are available in 100% Cotton solids, 65/35 Polyester-Cotton solid colors. Colors available: black, navy, white.
  • Outer Bonnets are available in 65/35 Polyester-Cotton solid colors (black and navy) and Poly-Ctton prints (Prints are either high quality Tropical Breeze or Country Rose fabric which needs little to no ironing, resists fading and is very long lasting.  Prints will vary in color and print). 100% Polyester Soft Crepe Knit is our fabric of choice for the outer bonnets made with polyester.  Our Winter Outer Bonnets are made from 100% Polyester Roma Ponte solids are available in black and navy.