Believing is not a one time event; it is moment by moment.
Obedience to God is better than the best excuse we can find.
Believe God for what He says, and not from what you see.
What you can do, you ought to do, and what you ought to do, by the help of God, DO!
Life is short, Death is sure, Sin the cause, Christ the cure.
Get real, Get clear, Get right and God will change you!
God's children and His enemies make the same mistake. They both underestimate the power of prayer.

Order Processing and Shipping Times


We are a family owned business and I am the only seamstress for Christian Coverings™.  Each order is custom sewn after you place your order. We do not have any head coverings  "in stock" other than in our Ready-Made Shoppe.
Your order starts being processed as soon as we receive it.
 We do our best to have your order processed, sewn, packaged and shipped within 4 weeks after receiving cleared payment. Payments by e-check will not clear for up to 10 business days. I am notified when the payment is clear. You will receive an email when your order is ready to ship.
We have some head coverings ready made in our Ready-Made Shoppe. However, these do not include all of our coverings plus various custom options. Head coverings offered in our Ready-Made Shoppe vary and are not offered all the time. When you place an order for a custom sewn head covering, you are able to choose all available custom options for that particular style. This is the most popular method of choosing a head covering with us.
  If ordering items from our Modest Apparel, Ready-Made Shoppe, Special Buys and you DO NOT have any custom sewn head coverings in the order, orders will ship within 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. Credit card payments are officially 'clear' 3 business days after the card has been charged.