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Head coverings, head covering patterns, PLUS ALL photos, diagrams, even product descriptions seen on are the property of Christian Coverings™ and protected under United States copyright laws.They cannot be used or copied/pasted to another website or another computer without the written permission of Christian Coverings™.

Head coverings and head covering patterns are for personal use only. They cannot be duplicated or altered for resale. They cannot be used for commercial, professional or for profit use.

We are authorized to use the Friend's patterns:  Traditional Pleated Covering and Amish Heart shaped bonnet.  

Some graphics by HSHP  Graphics. Used with permission.

Photos in our Photo Gallery were found on Pinterest and a google search for free Christian wallpaper. We are not aware of any copyrights on these images. Please let me know if there are and I will remove them.

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The art drawing on our logo, the main webpage and on the cover of the printed catalog was drawn by Edwin B. Wallace. Used by permission.