Christian Coverings is For Sale

Posted by Diana 06/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Christian Coverings™ has been in business since April 2002. I have made the decision it's time to sell.

My hope would be to sell the business to someone who loves to sew and has the time and desire to dedicate and improve it.

If you are seriously interested in buying Christian Coverings™, please email us by clicking on the image below.

       Detailed information will be emailed to you in a .pdf attachement.

Once it's been determined to be a serious inquiry, the selling price will be disclosed.


If the security code in the contact pop up is hard to read, you'll need to X out and refresh the page. Sorry, there is no option to refresh the code.


Christian Coverings will probably remain open until a new owner is found or until the end of November 2018 if a new owner is not found by then.