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We are open and still accepting orders!!!

Welcome to our new website!

Posted by Diana 03/23/2015 0 Comment(s)

We're open!


Thank you to everyone for patiently waiting for Christian Coverings to be back online. In January, we had major issues with our old site on the back end. I was not getting the support I usually had so I decided to move to a new web host and new shopping cart.


This meant starting my site over from scratch since I could not save anything from my old site due to the fatal errors in my admin area. It also meant learning a whole different kind of shopping cart. My down time was first thought to be through February but I needed extra time to finalize everything. 


Hopefully this site will run smoothly. If you encounter any problems, please contact me so I can get it fixed.


At times we will have a scheduled site maintenance to make necessary changes or to update the cart. During this time, a maintenance message will appear on the main page with detailed information and the site won't be available. I will post the down time 24 hours ahead on the main webpage along with the estimated down time.


May the Lord bless your day!