Believing is not a one time event; it is moment by moment.
Obedience to God is better than the best excuse we can find.
Believe God for what He says, and not from what you see.
What you can do, you ought to do, and what you ought to do, by the help of God, DO!
Life is short, Death is sure, Sin the cause, Christ the cure.
Get real, Get clear, Get right and God will change you!
God's children and His enemies make the same mistake. They both underestimate the power of prayer.

Clip On

Clip On
  •     Perfect for those who want a lighter weight veil without a facing

  •    Clip on 4 snap barrettes (or bobby pins) at the temples & bottom sides to secure the veil 

  •    The strawberry & slightly oval shapes are perfect for buns higher on the head or larger buns

  •    Edges are finished on a serger with a narrow hem

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 Slight oval shape Veil length is approx..



Slightly wider strawberry shapeLength is approx. 1..



Fuller strawberry shapeLength is approx. 14"Edge i..