Grace Plain

Grace Plain
  • The unique feature of this cap is you can easily adjust the back of the cap to fit how you want
  • This cap features 1/4" ribbon in the casing secured at both ends with a opening in the bottom center
  • The ribbon feeds through the opening and a mini cord stop keeps the ribbon from slipping back into the casing
  • To adjust the size, press the top of the cord stop down and slide it down the ribbon and stop when you get the perfect fit.
  • You can tuck the end into the cap to hide it
First photo shows cap in small length with hair in a bun. Second photo shows hair without a bun in regular length.

Approx. 10 1/2" long
Approx. 12 1/2" long
Approx. 15" long
  • Product Code: #CCC301
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  • $11.00

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