Please Note! To get an accurate measurement, your hair needs to be in a bun or however you choose to wear it when wearing a veil.
A. From the top center of one ear, measure to the other ear.
   This will give you the measurement for the width of the veil.
B. The length is measured from the top center
     of the veil to the bottom center.
  •  Slight oval shape
  •  Generous size
  •  Veil width is approx. 14"
  •  Veil length is approx. 16" long
  •  Edge is finished in a serged rolled hem

Clip on Veils provide a versatile fit for different head shapes and sizes. There are various ways to clip on this veil style to have the fit and look you desire. You can choose to put the clips behind the ear or near the nape to have it open at the nape. You can also overlap the fabric at the nape and clip it so it's closed.

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