Effective January 16, 2016 -  USPS Postal rates have increased significanlty.  We have had to increase our shipping/handling fees to reflect the increase.
We are now offering First Class Package Services along with Priority Mail for our customers in the United States for orders that weigh under 15.999 ounces. Not every order can be mailed First Class so be sure you understand that if you choose First Class Package Mail and your order weighs more than allowed, you will be billed the difference to ship it Prorioty Mail.
Please read our Payments & Shipping Page for detailed information so you understand the shipping options. The Shipping options (as stated on our Payments & Shipping Page) are binding even if you do not read them.


Christian Coverings™ provides quality made head coverings to meet your covering needs. All head coverings are custom sewn after we receive your order (due to inventory control of Modest Apparel and Tropcial Breeze fabric we have to have a quantity listed in all categories including Headcoverings). We offer custom options so your head covering is made to your specifications and size. We offer a variety of bonnets, cap style, veils, traditional head coverings, head covering patterns, new and gently worn Modest Apparel & Tropical Breeze fabrics. We offer USPS insurance, signature confirmation and also rush orders in Shipping Options. Please be sure to read Our Policies prior to ordering. They are binding even if you do not read them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


In Jesus,